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Semen Analysis Test


Generate a DNA profile from your semen-stained sample (such as underwear) and we will compare this DNA profile to the DNA profile from the comparison sample (such as a cheek swab sample).

You will be able to test whether or not the semen contained on your sample belongs to a particular person.



  • Our infidelity testing products and services give you the option of simply detecting the presence of semen on, for example, an article of clothing, or testing DNA (from semen or vaginal fluids) found on your mate’s undergarments against your own to see if he or she is being faithful.
  • If you have any questions about the testing process, please feel free to contact a confidential case coordinator at 1-877-786-9323.
  • We understand the sensitivities involved in this type of testing and will work with you to find the testing process that’s right for you.  As always, everything is strictly confidential.

Online Kit


Print and mail or email the Semen Analysis Test Form, unless you have paid online, in which case skip the payment section only.

Hair Sample Instructions

Cheek Swab Sample Instructions

Instructions for Semen-Stained Samples:

  • Carefully place the semen-stained sample in the plain, white paper envelope or wrap in the clean, plain white paper. Be careful not to touch the stained portion of the sample with your fingers.
  • Cut out one Sample ID Slip from the end of this document and fill-in the necessary information.
  • Place the completed Sample ID Slip in a plastic bag with the semen-stained sample. The plastic bag should contain the Sample ID Slip and the semen-stained sample either in an envelope or wrapped in paper.

Additional information


AABB accredited


99.99+% for matches, 100% for mismatches


7-10 business days