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HairDNA Paternity Test


Fast, Easy, Definitive, Confidential, and Painless, this is one of our Most Popular Paternity Tests
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  • HairDNA is the world’s most user-friendly DNA paternity test.
  • HairDNA is an extremely definitive, confidential, and painless DNA test, which gives you the ease and simplicity of accessing DNA paternity testing by sampling only a few hairs.
  • HairDNA testing can be done with or without the knowledge of other parties involved.
  • HairDNA not only saves you time and money by not having to take blood samples, but can offer you the opportunity to receive discreet and confidential information on your child’s paternity. Testing is performed by qualified scientists using state-of-the-art equipment and employing modern DNA analysis techniques.
  • The HairDNA test can be performed with or without a mother’s sample.


Online Kit

Pre-Collection Items:

  • Tweezers (cleaned with rubbing alcohol)
  • 1 Small Plastic Bag (e.g., Ziploc bag) per person tested
  • 1 Sample ID Slip per person tested

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Complete a Sample ID Slip and Record in Sample Identification Table:

    Cut-out and complete a Sample ID Slip and place in a small plastic bag.  Later, you will need to record the information on Sample ID Slip into the Sample Identification Table (located on Paternity Test Form).

  2. Collect Hairs:

    Pull six hairs from the head, eyebrow, or underarm, etc.  Use tweezers to grasp the hair slightly above where the hair joins the skin. The hairs can be pulled out with one quick, swift motion. Try to pull thicker hairs if possible. Thicker hairs (i.e., hair from the body or eyebrow) contain more DNA and ensure that we can give you fast and efficient results. If only fine or grey hairs are available, please include 6 hairs from that person. *(Note…not recommended for under age 6)

    NEVER touch the end of the hair where it was attached tithe skin (the hair root). The hair root (small clump of skin cells) must be attached to the end of the hair after it is pulled from the body.  Please ensure the hair did not break, but was pulled out completely. It is possible to see the hair root by looking closely at the end of the hair you have pulled out. You may be able to see a tiny round ball of cells at the end of the hair. Remember not to touch this end of the hair.

  3. Place hairs into plastic bag immediately.

  4. Place Sample ID Slip in bag and seal. Now that the hairs are in the plastic bag, you may be able to see the hair root at the end of the hair without any risk of touching the root.

  5. Print and mail or email all items on the Paternity Test Form, unless you have paid online, in which case skip the payment section.

Shipping Address for Samples:

STE # 207


Additional information

How it Works

The HairDNA Paternity Test uses the DNA contained in the root of the hair to create a DNA profile for the sampled individual (i.e., the child) and then compares this profile against the DNA profile of another sampled individual (i.e., the alleged father). Because all cells in the body contain the same DNA, the HairDNA Paternity Test is an easy, fast, and painless way to test a child's paternity.


Hair Collected Simply by Pulling the Hair from the Skin

Tested Markers

16 From the Same Chromosome


Multiple Accreditations


99.99+% for Matches, 100% for Mismatches




5-7 Business Days