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Hair or swab samples not available from all test participants? No Problem. You can submit discreet forensic DNA samples for one or allĀ  participants such as a toothbrush, dried blood, cigarette butts or more.

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Product Description

While we recommend using swab, hair, or even blood samples for paternity testing, we understand it is not always possible to obtain these types of samples for logistical or confidentiality reasons.

That’s why we offer a complete forensic paternity testing service. Submitting a forensic sample allows you to test a person’s DNA without them knowing, making this test 100% discreet. You can choose to send a forensic sample for every tested person or just one. It’s your choice.

Examples of forensic samples include, but are not limited to:

  • Dried blood stains on bandages, tissue, cotton, paper, swabs
  • Dried stains on underwear, sheets, pads, tampons
  • Dried semen stains on tissue, underwear, clothing
  • Dried saliva from toothbrushes, bottles, cans, cigarette butts, stamps, used tissue
  • Razors shavings from electric razor
  • Bone, teeth, tissue (from deceased individual)

Don’t see the sample type you would like to submit? Contact us and ask about it. If you can collect it, chances are we can test it.


Online Kit

HAIR Sample Instructions

SWAB Sample Instructions

BLOOD CARD Sample Instructions

Pre-Collection Items for Forensic Samples:

  • 1 plain, white envelope or large piece of clean, plain, white paper for each forensic sample to be submitted
  • 1 plastic bag for each forensic sample to be submitted

Step-By-Step Instructions for Forensic Samples:

    1. Carefully place the sample in the plain, white paper envelope or wrap in the clean, plain white paper. Be careful not to touch the portion of the sample that contains the DNA with your fingers.


    1. Cut out one Sample ID Slip and fill-in the necessary information. Later, you will need to record the information into the Sample Identification Table (on Paternity Test Form).


    1. Place the completed Sample ID Slip in a plastic bag with the forensic sample. The plastic bag should contain the Sample ID Slip and the forensic sample either in an envelope or wrapped in paper.


  1. Print and mail or email all items on the Paternity Test Form, unless you have paid online, in which case skip the payment section.

Shipping Address for Samples:

STE # 207


Additional Information

Tested Markers

16 From the Same Chromosome


Multiple Accreditations


99.99+% for Matches, 100% for Mismatches




10-12 Business Days

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