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Mix and Match Test – Swab Sample


Samples for the Mix-and-Match Paternity Test

Cotton swabbing is a fast, reliable, and inexpensive way to send us your dna samples.



Cotton swabbing is a fast, reliable, and inexpensive way to send us your dna samples.
*** Only collect one sample at a time ***

Online Kit

Pre-Collection Items

  • 2 cotton-tip sterile swab or regular cotton-tip swab (e.g., a Q-Tip) per person tested IMPORTANT: If you use a regular cotton-tip swab such as a Q-Tip, cut off one of the cotton-tips so the swab only has one cotton-tip. DO NOT TOUCH THE REMAINING COTTON TIP WITH YOUR FINGERS.Sterile cotton-tip swabs can be found at your local pharmacy behind the counter and are approximately $0.25 per pack (2 swabs per pack).

  • 2 small paper envelopes per person tested

  • 1 small plastic bag (e.g., Ziploc bag) per person tested

  • 1 Sample ID Slip per person tested

Step-by-Step Instructions

For Swab Samples
  1. Wait 60 minutes after eating or drinking before swabbing mouth.

  2. Cut out one Sample ID Slip and fill-in the necessary information. Later, you will need to record the information into the Sample Identification Table (on Paternity Test Form).

  3. Place the completed Sample ID Slip in a small plastic bag. This plastic bag will hold the cotton-tip swab after sample collection.

  4. Place swab inside the mouth between the gums and the inside of the cheek. Rotate the swab 12-15 times. Remove from mouth. DO NOT touch the cotton-tip with your fingers.

  5. Place swab inside the paper envelope. DO NOT lick the gummed seal.

  6. Place the paper envelope in the plastic bag with the Sample ID Slip as prepared in Step 3. IMPORTANT: Allow the swab to dry for approximately five minutes before placing it in the bag.

  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 with the second swab.

  8. IMPORTANT: There should be two (2) swab samples per person tested.

  9. Seal the small plastic bag containing the Sample ID Slip and envelopes so it is air tight (use tape if necessary)

  10. Print and mail or email all items on the Paternity Test Form, unless you have paid online, in which case skip the payment section.

Additional information


Cheek (Buccal) Cells Collected with a Sterile Swab

Tested Markers

16 From the Same Chromosome


AABB Accredited


99.99+% for Matches, 100% for Mismatches




5-7 Business Days