Court-Admissible Paternity Test


A court-admissible DNA paternity test using cheek cells as the sample and following strict chain-of-custody protocol.
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  • Our Court-Admissible Paternity Test provides you with the results you need with minimal inconvenience and expense to you and your family. We make all the necessary arrangements for the collection of your samples to fit your schedule. Our sample collection facilities are located nationwide.
  • We follow strict chain-of-custody protocol so your results are admissible in any US court of law.
  • We specialize in making arrangements for unique collection situations. For example, the alleged father is in a different state than the mother and
    child. Regardless of your situation, we can make the arrangements necessary for the collection.
  • Your results will be available in 48 hours and are sent to you by the method you select during the collection process. Results can be sent to you via phone, fax, or email.

Ordering and Testing Process

  • Call 1-877-786-9323 (toll-free) to speak with a confidential case coordinator. We will arrange for the collection of the mother’s blood sample at a local hospital,  arrange for the collection of the alleged father(s) sample, and mail you a mother’s blood collection kit. The mother’s collection appointment will be made by DNA Plus at a hospital close to you. You do not have to contact the hospital for the collection appointment. Hospital appointments are made at a time that is convenient for you. DNA Plus will inform you which hospital and what time your appointment is booked based on your request.


  • Have your sample collected at your local hospital. Simply bring your collection kit to your appointment and the trained Medical Professional will handle your sample collection. Once complete, your samples will be shipped overnight back to DNA Plus.


  • Get your results within 48 hours.

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Cheek (Buccal) Cells Collected with a Sterile Swab

Tested Markers

16 From the Same Chromosome


AABB Accredited


99.99+% for Matches, 100% for Mismatches




48 Hours


$397 for the First Sample, $100 per Additional Sample