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Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test
DNA Plus offers non-invasive DNA paternity testing that requires only blood drawn from the mother's arm. It’s 100% safe for both the mother and the child. Get started for $200 down; we will send you a collection kit and arrange your hospital appointment. You can settle the remaining balance within 48 hours after the collection of the blood sample.
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Court-Admissible Paternity Test
A court-admissible DNA paternity test using cheek cells as the sample and following strict chain-of-custody protocol.
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Amniocentesis / CVS
Amniocentesis / CVS
A prenatal paternity test using the amniotic fluid or chorionic villus sample (CVS) collected by your physician.
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HairDNA Paternity Test
Fast, Easy, Definitive, Confidential, and Painless, this is one of our Most Popular Paternity Tests
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cotton swabs
Cheek Swab Paternity Test
Quick, painless, and accurate, this test uses a sterile swab and can be conducted by you in the convenience of your own home.

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Blood Card Paternity Test
DNA PLUS is proud to be the first testing company to offer an at-home DNA paternity test using blood samples.

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custom paternity test kit
Mix & Match Paternity Test
Hair or swab samples not available from all test participants? No Problem. You can submit discreet forensic DNA samples for one or all  participants such as a toothbrush, dried blood, cigarette butts or more.

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