Forensic DNA Testing

DNA testing is an invaluable tool in identifying suspects in crimes and discovering identities of victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes and even manmade catastrophes. By testing or comparing DNA samples, such as blood and body parts, forensic scientists are able to uncover the truth behind an incident. This helps authorities determine who is responsible for the crime and allows families to retrieve their loved ones’ remains.

DNA Plus has more than 17 years experience of providing forensic DNA testing services in the US. We have helped many clients, including families and attorneys, get the information and answers they need. We work with investigators to trace victims and suspects in different types of crimes.

Forensic Results You Can Rely On

We know that the industry we are in requires the highest level of accuracy, so we make sure our tests yield precise results. We follow strict guidelines to eliminate the risks of errors, which affect the outcome of the investigation. Using the latest and most reliable technologies, we can match DNA samples with the suspects or unidentified bodies.

DNA samples are powerful evidence and are key to finding the truth behind a crime or disaster. Contact us if you need reliable and affordable forensic DNA testing services.

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Forensic Infidelity – Profile Test
Use in conjunction with the Semen Analysis Test
Detect the presence of DNA (semen or vaginal fluids) on a sample and then (if desired) compare this DNA to another DNA sample.
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custom paternity test kit
Mix & Match Paternity Test
Hair or swab samples not available from all test participants? No Problem. You can submit discreet forensic DNA samples for one or all  participants such as a toothbrush, dried blood, cigarette butts or more.

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