Fact or Fiction: Old Wives’ Tales vs Modern Ways to Know Baby’s Gender

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It’s the golden question most expecting parents can’t wait to answer: is it going to be a girl or a boy? When it comes to answering this question, old wives’ tales run rampant. The shape of your bump, its position and your food cravings can reveal a great deal about your baby’s gender, according to old wives.

While these tales surely hype up the excitement, know that none of these are actually verified. If you really want the question answered, then turn to modern, innovative, science-backed ways—like what we offer at DNA Plus.

Rumors, Myths and Everything in Between

Rumor has it that if your bump is high, it’s a girl; if you’re carrying it low, it’s a boy. Other tales also say that if your stomach juts forward, it’s a boy, and when the bump expands horizontally, it’s a girl. So, what happens if it’s a high bump and you carry it in front? Ah, there’s the rub.

Myths also say that baby girls snatch away mommy’s beauty. Those acne breakouts and skin blemishes may not just be raging hormones at work, but also a sign of a baby princess. On the other hand, old wives’ tales say that dry hands and cold feet are signs you’re going to have a boy.

These tales are all just passed down from generation to generation. Use it for some good guessing games with your partner or for making baby showers more fun, but if you want to know the real deal, then turn to science.

Out with the Guesswork

There are many science-backed ways to determine if your child will be a boy or girl. One of the most effective is blood test. Recent studies show that the test can correctly identify a male fetus 95.4% of the time and a female fetus 98.6% as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy.

The technology is definitely a scientific breakthrough. You see, before it was just ultrasound imaging that gave expecting parents information about the baby’s sex. This technology wasn’t as accurate as blood tests. In fact, research says that the results were wrong 40% of the time.

Blood tests take out the guesswork. DNA Plus offers prenatal gender test, a non-invasive procedure, to help determine if you should prepare for the arrival of a little prince or princess. Contact us today.