Boy or Girl: Knowing the Gender of Your Unborn Child

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Is it better to find out the gender of your child before they’re born or not? This has been an ongoing debate among expectant parents, as both have their own positive and negative effects. If you’re more on the want-to-know side, then here are some factors you might find beneficial:

You Can Plan Ahead of Time

If you’re the type who doesn’t like surprises, then it’s best for you to find out as early as possible. There are parents-to-be who prefer to prepare and keep everything organized for the arrival of their baby. While preparations are possible without knowing the gender, knowing the specifics makes it easier to buy baby necessities. This is helpful especially if you already have a child. You’ll know whether you have to buy a new set of clothes or simply prepare hand-me-downs.

You Avoid Disappointment

Giving birth is a gift whatever the gender of the baby. When your heart is set to have a boy, however, it could lead to a mix of emotions to find out that you have a baby girl. All the preparations and plans you had, like your new baby’s name, are pushed to the side and you have to start again.

You Make it Easier for Friends and Family to Buy a Gift

While unisex clothing and toys are available, there’s still a chance that you may receive gifts not appropriate for the gender of your baby. There’s this notion that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Some are bothered by it, while others aren’t. If you see this as an issue, then knowing the gender of your baby right away helps. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with gifts you won’t be able to use.

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