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Two Day DNA Test
Get the results you need in 2 days
Our Two Day DNA Test provides you with the results you need in 2 days.  We test 16 markers from the same chromosome for the highest possible accuracy in the industry (99.99+% for matches and 100% for mismatches).

This test uses buccal, or check, cells that are collected painlessly using a sterile swab in only a few minutes. To begin your test, simply call us at toll-free 1-877-786-9323 to speak with a confidential case counselor.

Test Details

Sample Buccal cells (cheek cells) collected with sterile swab
Tested Markers 16 (from same chromosome)
Lab AABB accredited
Accuracy 99.99+% for matches, 100% for mismatches
Collection Self collection
Results 2 business days*


2-Person Test - $379
1 alleged father and 1 child

Additional Person - $149**
Extra alleged father, extra child, or mother

  Ordering and Testing Process

Follow the three easy steps below to complete your Two Day DNA Paternity Test.

  1. Call 1-877-786-9323 (toll-free, 24-hours) to speak with a confidential case counselor.  Your counselor will arrange every aspect of your test.

  2. Collect your sample(s) and mail them to our lab at your convenience.

  3. Get your results the 2 business days after our lab receives your samples.*

Call toll-free 1-877-786-9323 (24 hours) to begin your test by
speaking to a confidential case counselor.
All correspondence is strictly confidential and is protected under our privacy policy.


*To receive your DNA test results in 2 business days, your samples must be received by our lab by 10:30 AM local time the 2 days prior. We recommend sending your samples via FedEx Priority Overnight. For example, if you collect and send your samples on Monday and we receive them on Tuesday by 10:30 AM local time, then your results will be ready Thursday afternoon.

**when tested at the same time

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