Blood Card Paternity Test


DNA PLUS is proud to be the first testing company to offer an at-home DNA paternity test using blood samples.

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Product Description

The BloodCard DNA Paternity Test uses the DNA contained in the blood cells to create a DNA profile for the sampled individual (i.e., the child) and then compares this profile against the DNA profile of another sampled individual (i.e., the alleged father).

Blood Card Collection Instructions

Pre-Collection Items

  • A blood sample card or a small piece of clean, white paper (e.g., from a paper towel, coffee filter, or similar material). IMPORTANT: do not used colored paper

  • 1 plain, white envelope for each blood sample to be submitted

  • 1 small plastic bag (e.g., Ziploc bag) per person tested

  • 1 Sample ID Slip per person tested

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Carefully place a small drop of blood on the white paper. DO NOT USE COLORED PAPER.

  2. Cut out one Sample ID Slip and fill-in the necessary information. Later, you will need to record the information on Sample ID Slip into the Sample Identification Table (located on the Paternity Test Form).

  3. Place the completed Sample ID Slip in a plastic bag with the blood sample. The plastic bag should contain the Sample ID Slip and the blood sample.

Shipping Address for Samples:
21704 Devonshire Street, Suite 303
Chatsworth, CA 91311


Additional Information


Blood Cells Collected on a Blood Card or Piece of Paper

Tested Markers

16 from the same Chromosome


Multiple Accreditations


99.99+% for Matches, 100% for Mismatches




7-10 Business Days