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Next Day DNA Test
Get the results you need the next day
Our Next Day DNA Test provides you with the results you need the next business day.  We test 16 markers from the same chromosome for the highest possible accuracy in the industry (99.99+% for matches and 100% for mismatches).

This test uses buccal, or check, cells that are collected painlessly using a sterile swab in only a few minutes. To begin your test, simply call us at toll-free 1-877-786-9323 to speak with a confidential case counselor.

Test Details

Sample Buccal cells (cheek cells) collected with sterile swab
Tested Markers 16 (from same chromosome)
Lab AABB accredited
Accuracy 99.99+% for matches, 100% for mismatches
Collection Self collection
Results 1 business day*



2-Person Test - $679
1 alleged father and 1 child

Additional Person - $149**
Extra alleged father, extra child, or mother


Also Available

Two Day DNA Test
Starting at $379

  Ordering and Testing Process

Follow the three easy steps below to complete your Next Day DNA Paternity Test.

  1. Call 1-877-786-9323 (toll-free, 24-hours) to speak with a confidential case counselor.  Your counselor will arrange every aspect of your test.

  2. Collect your sample(s) and mail them to our lab at your convenience.

  3. Get your results the the next business day after our lab receives your samples.*

Call toll-free 1-877-786-9323 (24 hours) to begin your test by
speaking to a confidential case counselor.
All correspondence is strictly confidential and is protected under our privacy policy.


*To receive your DNA test results the next business day, your samples must be received by our lab by 10:30 AM local time the day prior. We recommend sending your samples via FedEx Priority Overnight. For example, if you collect and send your samples on Monday and we receive them on Tuesday by 10:30 AM local time, then your results will be ready Wednesday afternoon.

**when tested at the same time

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