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  Infidelity Tests

Our infidelity testing products and services give you the option of simply detecting the presence of semen on, for example, an article of clothing, or testing DNA (from semen or vaginal fluids) found on your mate's undergarments against your own to see if he or she is being faithful.

If you have any questions about the testing process, please feel free to contact a confidential case counselor at toll-free 1-877-786-9323 (24 hours).  We understand the sensitivities involved in this type of testing and will work with you to find the testing process that's right for you.  As always, everything is strictly confidential.

CheckMate: The 5 Minute Infidelity Test
CheckMate tests for the presence of semen on your sample (e.g., underwear). Be prepared for the results in 5 minutes.

Forensic Infidelity Test
A forensic DNA testing service that can detect the presence of DNA (semen or vaginal fluids) on a sample and then (if desired) compare this DNA to another DNA sample.



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