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  Forensic Infidelity Test

Our Forensic Infidelity Test can detect the presence of DNA (semen or vaginal fluids) on a sample and then (if desired) compare this DNA to another DNA sample.

Examples of forensic samples include, but are not limited to:

  • Dried stains on underwear, sheets, pads, tampons
  • Dried semen stains on tissue, underwear, clothing

Don't see the sample type used like to submit?  Contact us and ask about it.  If you can collect it, chances are we can test it.

For example, if you suspect your mate is being unfaithful, you can send in a pair of his or her underwear to test for the presence of another person's genetic material (e.g., semen or vaginal fluids), and compare this to another DNA profile (e.g., your own).  If semen or vaginal fluids are present, you can find out if they are yours using a DNA comparison.

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Step 1: DNA Profiling

$175 per sample  

DNA Profiling will detect the presence of genetic material and, if present, will generate a DNA profile.  This profile will tell you how many different individuals' genetic materials were present in the sample and the gender of each person.

For example, we detect and generate two DNA profiles from your sample: one is male (from semen) and one is female (from vaginal fluids).

If no genetic material is found, no DNA profile is generated.  DNA comparison is not necessary and you will not be charged for comparison.

Sample Types:
  • material (e.g., undergarments, sheets, blankets, etc.)
  • hair (with roots)
  • any item with dried salvia
  • more...
Profiled Markers: 16 (from same chromosome)
Lab: AABB accredited
Accuracy: 100%
Results: 10-12 business days
Step 2: DNA Comparison

$100 per sample/comparison  

If a DNA profile is generated, we can compare this profile to the DNA profile of another sample. 

For example, you wish to know whose semen was present in your mate's underwear so you submit a sample with your DNA (e.g., your hair).  We compare your DNA profile with that of the semen's to see if the semen is yours.

The total cost of this example is $275.

Sample Types:
  • material (e.g., undergarments, sheets, blankets, etc.)
  • hair (with roots)
  • any item with dried salvia
  • more...
Tested Markers: 16 (from same chromosome)
Lab: AABB accredited
Accuracy: 99.99+% for matches, 100% for mismatches
Results: 10-12 business days

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You will receive your free kit in 2-3 business days (US and Canada only). International orders may take longer.




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