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Fetal Cell/DNA Prenatal Gender Test
A Noninvasive Prenatal Gender Test Sampling Only the Mother's Blood

This prenatal gender test gives curious parents the option of knowing the gender of their baby as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy.  This test uses only the mother's blood.

Unlike an amniocentesis or CVS which could cause problems in the pregnancy and/or fetal injuries, induce labor, or terminate the pregnancy, this test is noninvasive. You do not need to have an amniocentesis or CVS to do this test.

The collection of the mother's blood for this test is safe and noninvasive for both the mother and unborn fetus, and you do not need a physician to collect the sample specimen.

A collection technician is needed to complete this test.  DNA Plus coordinates all aspects of this test with one of our thousands of collection sites nationwide.  All arrangements will be made during your consultation. 

Your entire test can be arranged with one call to DNA Plus at toll-free 1-877-786-9323 (24 hours).

  How It Works

Fetal Cells*
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Fetal cells and DNA are in the mother's blood.

"..fetal cell is...plentiful in a future mom's bloodstream..."

--Kaiser, Jocelyn (2005) from PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS: An Eariler Look At Baby's Genes

"...fetal cell [is] present in the maternal circulation and can be recovered for noninvasive prenatal genetic diagnosis."

--Farideh et al. (2002) from Cell-free fetal cell and intact fetal cells in maternal blood circulation: implications for first and second trimester noninvasive prenatal diagnosis. 

View More Scientific Research on Prenatal DNA Testing on Maternal Blood

*Taken with microscope camera during actual testing

This test uses both fetal cells and fetal cell isolation from maternal blood. During pregnancy, a variety of cell types of fetal origin, as well as fetal cell, cross the placenta and circulate within maternal peripheral blood.

This fetal material is a source of information about the gender and genetic makeup of the developing fetus. Fetal genetic material can be detected in maternal blood early in the pregnancy.

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Test Details

Sample Mother's blood (must be at least 10 weeks pregnant)
Panel Size 5-6 alleles depending on fetal cell population
Accuracy 99.99+% accuracy depending on maternal questionnaire completed during consultation
Collection To be arranged during consultation
Results Approximately 8-10 business days


Standard Test - $390

  Ordering and Testing Process

Follow the three easy steps below to complete your Prenatal Gender Test.

  1. Call 1-877-786-9323 (toll-free, 24-hours) to speak with a confidential case counselor.  Your counselor will arrange for the collection of the mother's blood sample at a local hospital and will mail you a collection kit.  The mother's collection appointment will be made by DNA Plus at a hospital and time that is convenient for you.  You do not have to contact the hospital for the collection appointment.  DNA Plus will tell you which hospital to go to and at what time.

  2. Have your sample collected at your local hospital.  Simply bring your collection kit to your appointment and the collection technician will draw the sample.  Pack the samples along with the paper work and ship it to our lab using the included pre-paid envelope.

  3. Get your results in approximately 8-10 business days.  Results can be sent to you via phone, fax, or email.

This test has a non-refundable deposit. Price does not include blood collection and shipping fees. The blood collection fee is approximately $90.00 (may be higher in some states). The shipping fee is approxmately $65.00 (may be higher depending on current FedEx pricing). Fees subject to change without notice. Once testing has begun there can be no cancellations or refunds.


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